Android Database Development For Property Management Business

Managing rentals are downright challenging and complex for each home owner because it involves different roles and operations. Many stakeholders believe that the traditional operating model ignore works and they’re searching for brand new solutions. They might require digital solutions that gives smooth functionality in situation of property management and provide tenants obtaining a finest-in-class experience.

Home rental financial markets are growing quickly. So Android database development for property management can be very convenient. Hereby given some easy methods to create perfect property management applications for your business. To cope with your business correctly, you needn’t just one but several figures of lightweight application to cope with all tasks accordingly. Here given a few examples:

Must need features for ‘Moving-in and Moving-out’ Android Database Development:

Step -1

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Data grouping and filtering is an important and foremost step for creating a mobile application for property management where tenants moving-in and moving-out is a crucial act as handled. You will want a google sheet, has every bit of understanding for example tenants, apartments and rental charges.

Next Step:

Move-in Tab:

To begin the procedure also generate an stand out file using google Stand out suite containing two tables e.g. the first table may have their list of characteristics additionally for their addresses. As well as the second may have the amount of apartments, property IDs and rental rate.

The application form user will start by choosing the date of arrival, probably the most well-loved apartment forms the listings and register and so they will most likely be requested to fill the shape within the application (move-in tab).

Next Step:

Move-0ut tab:

In situation of tenants are moving they have to fill the shape by tapping across the departing button. They have to select an entry inside the list and type in the departure date.

4th Step:

Property assessment form for tenants (New and old):

You need to prepare some questionnaires for moving-in and departing also, in which the user fills the shape to evaluate the fitness of the home- like the healthiness of locks/ doorways/ home home home windows/ flooring. The client will choose the predetermined values for example -Good, Fair or Poor. After you have the right solutions the client will most likely be redirected to call page and hang up their digital signature to validate the documents.

Fifth Step:

Admin Panel:

You will observe another admin panel where all of the data across the arrivals and departures are recorded are available for that manager anytime. This panel features a dashboard, showing all of the property, vacant property figures of tenants, charges, all contract form along with a final quantity of earnings too designed buttons to cope with all easily and flawlessly.

Must need features for Maintenance Service Request application:

Nowadays we prefer digitally efficient service as opposed to figures of documents. So in situation of Maintenance, you have to develop an android application that will go ahead and take maintenance experience to new levels.

Being careful application should retain the most needed features receive below:

Beginning starting time and date within the request

House or Room details for example blocks, room figures, floors etc

Name within the products for repair along with the message box to elaborate the particular problem

Photo box to upload the Photo/Photos of actual problems taken by tenants.

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Additional details for example phone, email and signature field may be incorporated.

Deploying mobile phone applications for maintenance process helps the home manager to handle your concerns as rapidly as you possibly can. Android applications can enhance data collection as tenants can certainly upload images, location, contact information, additionally for their signatures in the following paragraphs.


While using the invasion of advanced technology and altering lifestyles of users, the home management industry now requires more adaptability and so android database development is extremely acceptable to deal with new challenges and options. Therefore if you’re a home manager and needs to deal with home seamlessly you can consult with any experience android application developer for the same.

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