Instagram Captions – How To Write Good Captions for Instagram?

Instagram Captions is a great way to attract new people or customers. Ever since Instagram released new algorithm changes, things have taken a curved towards the south for smaller accounts. The new algorithm mainly circles many factors, which determines the quality of content. It becomes pretty evident that elements based on numerical figures like views, engagement, shares, DM and so on are not the smartest means to deter the bad and good quality content. Since these changes came into effect, the world of Instagram users took a turn.

It is simple enough to stick to the old rules, create relevant quality content, use the right keywords and use hashtags and you are done. Right? The new rules might make it seem like they do not give granular attention to the content. The truth is that it does care about the quality but it just gets mixed with popularity, we all know popularity does not always mean quality. The only way to get past is, if you can tick all of the boxes of the primary factors, your post will have more propensity to go viral as compared to the other posts since organic reach has become a concept of the past.


So what should you do? Post quality content yes! What should you do about the caption section? It sure as heck cannot be left unattended. An Instagram caption is a vital part of your content, if your pictures, memes, videos are Superheroes then your caption is there sidekick. This sidekick is not like any other sidekicks you see in the movies and TV Show this one is useful.

Here are the several tips and tricks that you can use to stay on top of your Instagram game and decrypt the new algorithm like a boss.

Instagram Captions role is of a sidekick

It sounds silly, and a lot easy to say but hey, we don’t make the rules, that is just how it is. A caption should know the picture and follow the story along. Remember us calling captions your sidekick. Well, that analogy is apt and accurate to the final dot.


It represents your post, and it is telling a story and adding value to it. Although Instagram permits a limit of 2000 plus characters, Hey! Remember people are on Instagram to check out photos and hit the love or like button. It would be wiser for you to keep short, sweet, crisp and funny. For the love of making a mark on engagement avoid going offtopic at all cost, it will hurt your brand.

The way Instagram works is this, people only see what they like right, and the only way to breach past that is making people do something. A quality caption that is downright funny and has some personality to it will force them to take actions. The more you have engagement, the more followers you’ll get.

Instagram Captions for your Followers

They like your content and your Instagram captions now, great job! Should you limit the level of engagement to just that, Damn no, you would want to give them something more, give them something that can establish a more intimate connection with your fanbase. We want our users to do something but wait just hitting the follow button with your post is not the only thing we want them to do. If you are running a contest, giveaway or even a sale, you would want your users to make actionable clicks that can lead to conversions. Remember after a certain point Instagram captions are subject to be truncated.

You should always make use of words like Join, learn, discover and so on. These words of encouragement followed by a crisp status with necessary hashtags and emojis are your blend that can get your conversions and more traction. Make sure to fit them all in a single line or two as the rest will be hidden behind see more.

Know Thy Enemy:

We are not referring to the mortal enemies that you have in the real world. We are in this context relating to Instagram accounts that have already made headways and are your competitors.


How would you do that you ask? Well know your niche, use hashtags and relevant keywords to locate such entity and study them. They will grant you more knowledge and information that is only available through expert. You do not need to be an expert, just follow this simple tip.

Have a consistent tone and voice

Impression, impression and impression, we all get the high importance it has. You made a powerful and impressive image from the get-go using your Instagram Captions. Great, you have got yourself a fanbase, but know this reasonably well. The impression can change and if you are not consistent with your demeanor, voice and online persona. All of the work done might as well be feed to the dogs. Studying your peers is an excellent way to improve your understanding of what your voice should be, then you can go on to create your own. Remember, in the world of content curation original content is pure gold.

Instagram Captions for Friends, Couple:

  • Once you walk out of my life, the door locks behind you.
  • Sometimes trusting a friend is the hardest thing to do. Even the closest friends can become your enemies.
  • And I still curse my luck for not being able to meet you ever again.
  • I hate people who pretend to be my friend
  • Sometimes people have many reasons to leave. Sometimes they have no reason to stay, but they do.
  • You stopped making time for us and I stopped making coffee for two.
  • How much easier this life would be if we got to choose whether or not we wanted to feel at all.
  • Of course she is important. You cant simply ignore the center of your universe.
  • She is a woman not magic, but love her right and it can be magical.
  • Every time when someone talks about love, I think of you.

Understanding the way of the #Hashtags:


Usually, Instagram users go berserk with the Hashtag. They forget what is excessive tagging is going to do to the post. Doing this often ruins the user’s experience with your content and in some cases, the quest for improved visibility can see a fast downfall in post engagement. Never annoy your customers, keep your hashtags limited. The caption has to be derive meaning, and it should make sense along with the added Hashtags. Try to make use of your own brand name as a Hashtags, if your users and fanbase pick it up, you will see a high influx of engagement. A unique Hashtag that is just for you, who would not want to proliferate that? In case you do have a vast number of Hashtags you wish to make use of but don’t want it to come in the way of a clean Instagram caption use this simple trick.

Compile them all in the first comment of your post. This way the message will be posted, and it will not come in the form of having a crispy, tidy and fun. If you can master this bit, then you have learned the idea of the Hashtags.

Summary of the article pinpoints, cautious use of the tools that you have at your disposal. Hashtags are fantastic, just don’t become a spam monster. Instagram draws people because of the photos that users or creators post so ensure caption is adding value to it.

There are many Tumblr blogs to get the catchy Instagram Captions for Friends, Couples, Boyfriend that are short and funny. You can find few here and can freely use them without any copyrights.

So that is it, folks, How did you like the article, was it helpful? Did you learn something new about Instagram Captions? Do tell us in the comments below.

Instagram Captions – How To Write Good Captions for Instagram?
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