How Do I Know if My Device Qualifies for Coverage Under a Cell Phone Assistance Plan?

Cell phone assistance plans are programs designed to help plan subscribers get the most out of their cell phones. They keep the users away from being hit with unexpected bills. Depending on which device you have, your current situation, and your provider’s network, a few gadgets may qualify for coverage under a cell phone assistance plan. The following are tips on knowing if your device qualifies for coverage under a cell phone assistance plan.

Check the List of Devices on the Company’s Website

Log onto the company’s website and click programs or assistance programs. You will access the list of approved devices the program offers. The list entails what devices are supported and which ones are not. However, you may find that your device does qualify despite what it says on its website.

Check for Special Program Phone Numbers

Devices that qualify for the cell phone assistance program Oklahoma-based plans have unique phone numbers. The company responsible for the program will typically code the contact number differently from their customer service lines. With this, subscribers can quickly identify an assistance plan contact number.

Check the Company’s Coverage Map

A good indication of whether your device qualifies for a cell phone assistance program is if your address shows that you are in the range of the company’s network. Suppose you are in range and there is no specific contact number. In this case, your device likely qualifies for a cell phone assistance plan. Check the firm’s website to confirm whether or not your device qualifies before calling customer service.

A phone assistance plan is an affordable alternative to a new device. It offers coverage for something that has already been purchased, like a cell phone. The plan covers you against accidental damage and replacement costs should your original device become unusable. Some programs also include protection against certain accessories. You can quickly determine if your device qualifies for the cell phone assistance program by following the guidelines above.

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