Frame antenna for low bands

It really is no secret that the size of the antenna largely depends on the frequency of radio transmission. So, the lower the frequency, the more antenna you will require in the first place. OM0ET decided he’d work the 80M to 20M ham bands and figured – why not use a frame antenna for this purpose? There’s even a video that describes the whole process.

So the antenna in the video resembles a magnetic loop one. It has seven loops that sum up to a 520mm square. Sure enough, the loop serves the purpose of an inductor. Should you remove the insulation, you can easily clip a lead at various points that will allow you to control the inductance. It’s important to keep in mind that some tuning will still be necessary since a variable capacitor will resonate the antenna testing in the first place.

As for the physical support – the antenna has a 25mm PVC for this purpose. Despite the fact that it’s relatively easy to construct, the question is – will it actually work in the first place? Well, the video will provide you with some insights on the construction process itself. Yet, there needs to be a second part that will provide us with more insights on actual operating tests. Best guess – it will work just right yet it will require some fine tuning. Which automatically implies that you will need to retune all the time whenever you are changing the frequency.

Furthermore, seeing how these antennas are directional in most of the cases, they would make a good asset in fox hunting. Plenty of those loop antennas are used for portable applications or hiding in plain sight.

One way or the other, there are plenty of other installations that you can learn more about on the forums. These can seem quite challenging to adapt but one must not forget that there are weirder things in existence, so you cannot tell for sure is this kind of option will be bad for you or not.

Radio enthusiasts should consider using those forums in order to make the best from their installations as well. If you are among them, we simply cannot help but recommend you to definitely take a closer look to some of those videos in order to make an educated decision in line with all of the collected info – that way you will know for sure.

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