Fun Things to Know About Summarizing a Lengthy Content

Summarizing a Lengthy Content

You must be proficient in two types of writing: paraphrasing and summarizing. Most of us are aware of the distinctions between the two. However, a lot of pupils are still unsure about how to paraphrase and summarize. Because of this, let us take a look at several aspects related to summarizing and paraphrasing that you might not be aware of.

Proper citation

You must correctly cite your sources to ensure that the author is acknowledged. Therefore, if you are paraphrasing an article, make sure to correctly credit the author, publisher, and website.


A concept cannot be plagiarized and claimed as your own. Of course, you are free to add your thoughts to an essay; in fact, a skilled writer is expected to do so. You must rephrase and communicate in your own words while paraphrasing. The original article’s words cannot be reproduced in any way. Plagiarism will result from copying it.

Sentence structure

The way sentences are put together and the words utilized must be completely different. You should alter the entire paragraph, not just the words. You must, however, take care to maintain the meaning.

Knowing what is required

Verify the necessary details while summarizing. If the summary is only an overview, you only need to summarize and state the topic of the original piece. A summary may also cover the article’s essential themes, in which case you should condense the text and write in your own words.

Avoid relying solely on summarizing and paraphrasing. In your writing, quotes are also acceptable. Quotes are direct statements made by a certain person. The words in a quote cannot be changed; they must be used exactly as they were used by the original speaker. However, for clarification, you may add words within brackets in the quotes.

Choosing the best summary tool

When it comes to choosing the best summary tool, it would be in your best interest to invest your time and money in the one competent to handle the one suitable for all kinds of content summarizing needs. The summary tool should understand your specific needs without burning a significant hole in your pocket. The best part about the summary tool should be to summarize the content without changing its meaning.

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To sum it up

Choosing the best summary tool would be imperative to concise the lengthy content for the readers. It would be vital for you to concise the content to give your readers an idea about what the content entails. Concise content should keep the readers interested in the entire content.

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