Here are the Best Features of Mobile Receipt Printers to Look Out For

If you are in an active line of business, say in operations or supply chain or even in retail, you need to process the daily activities pretty fast. This is how one can initiate happy and contended customer experiences. Considering this, businesses are using mobile receipt printers for higher efficiency. A good printer can help businesses with a hassle-free check-out process where the products will be printed with durable labels. 

Since there are multiple mobile receipt printers available in the market, it becomes tough to pick the right one. So, with the help of the following features, you will get an idea about what to pick and what not to.

Printer speed

While picking a receipt printer, printer speed is the most important thing you need to consider. A standard mobile receipt printer can print for about ten pages in a minute. But there are also printers which can have faster speeds like 220mm/sec. It will lead them to print about 14 pages in a minute. So choosing the right printer speed is important as it will boost your productivity on the go.

Print Quality

After the speed, it is the quality of prints that you need to focus on. A standard mobile printer will have a resolution of about 512 dots per line. But for high quality prints, you need to pick a printer that that can reach up to 576 dots a line. These printers can function well with the already available print rolls in the market. Hence, they are the most cost-effective solutions to incorporate into your business. You can also choose printers with1D and 2D printing abilities.


The best printers on the market already come equipped with dust and liquid spill features. They can work in any environment, and hence you do not need to worry about their safety and maintenance. These can also be easily used in pubs and bars as they come with a spill-resistant top cover.


There are also printers which can be mounted on the walls. This gives businesses the right opportunity to operate effectively even in tighter operational spaces. This printer will be a good solution even for KOT purposes.

TSC mobile receipt printer has all the features that are needed for your fast-paced work environment to function smoothly. They are designed to serve your different purposes with ease and accuracy.

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