How do local SEO companies create an effective content strategy in 2023?

An intelligent content strategy is essential for local SEO success in 2023 and beyond. Optimizing website content improves visibility and conversions from customers searching for businesses in your area. The foundation of an impactful local SEO content strategy is comprehensive keyword research. SEO experts utilize tools like Google Keyword Planner to uncover the highest-value geo-targeted terms people are searching for when looking for local businesses. The keywords should be locally-focused including neighborhood names, city descriptors, and service terminology. Keyword research informs content topics.

Identify top performing content

The SEO companies near me will then audit your website using analytics to determine, which existing pages and content are generating the most organic traffic from local search engines. This reveals your foundation to build upon when creating new optimized materials. Expand on what already converts local searchers.

Using keywords and audit data, local SEO pros will map out a quarterly or annual content calendar that outlines new blog posts, videos, local landing pages, and other content assets to create on an ongoing basis. The calendar aligns topics and publishing dates with seasonality and trending searches. A consistent drumbeat of fresh, useful content keeps visitors engaged.

Focus on informative long-form content

For 2023, long-form educational articles, videos, and local pages will fuel the best results. These in-depth pieces provide immense value to searchers, establish your expertise, and convert readers. Use keyword-focused FAQ and “Ultimate Guide”-style content that answers common customer questions at length to build trust and traffic. With the rise in voice commands, local SEO professionals will optimize content for conversational long-tail search queries people use via voice assistants. It includes using natural language and addressing commonly spoken questions. Voice-optimized improves visibility and reduces bounce rates when searchers land on your pages via smart speakers.

Promote your content

Simply publishing content isn’t enough. Local SEO agencies have proven promotion tactics to amplify content reach to nearby customers. This includes content embedding, social media ads, outreach pitching, syndication, and email marketing. Promotions help content rank higher in local search and earn more qualified organic traffic. Distributing content widens exposure. Track key metrics like rankings, traffic, dwell time, shares, and conversions per piece of content. Determine which topics and formats perform best. Double down on what works. Analyzing results keeps content efforts targeted on the highest ROI outcomes to grow the business.

Refresh and repurpose assets

Keep content fresh and evergreen by updating outdated posts, converting old blogs into videos, creating spinoff posts, and repurposing content into new formats. This sustains its longevity and authority. Updated content also recovers lost local visibility from Google updates. Producing regular high-value, engaging that targets rising local customer search trends is key for sustaining strong local SEO visibility and website growth in 2023. Partnering with a local SEO agency experienced in content creation, optimization, and promotion maximizes the return on your investment into winning content.

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