How much does a SaaS MVP software development cost?


SaaS MVP is a working example that comprises all necessary features in the final product. In simple terms, it is an example of a cloud-based application that depicts all critical elements that’ll define the final product under the digital transformation agency. The MVP software development assists you gather applicable information from end-users about how they connect with the product. MVP software development assists you test your knowledge in a limited time and establishes it improves every time it adjusts to user response under the digital transformation agency.

MVP approach is highly advantageous to companies who have a small budget to get their idea tested in the market rather than losing it all on the full-fledged products under the digital transformation agency.

Features that affect SaaS MVP development cost

There are different features included in the SaaS MVP software development. Additional cost needs in MVP development are primarily similar to product development. Still, many other expenses are required to transform an MVP product into a full-fledged product under the digital transformation agency.

  1. Size of the development team

How many people did you need to make an MVP software development team? It would help if you had the most experienced and skilled pool of talented professionals. However, the more gifted professionals you hire, the higher it costs to develop a SaaS MVP.

  1. Feature Difficulty

It is crucial to consider the difficulty of features required to make SaaS MVP software development.

  1. Development Approach

One of the most critical features determining MVP cost is companies’ development approaches to develop a SaaS MVP product under the digital transformation agency.

  1. Designing Costs

Every product design requires to be flawless and classy to attract customers. Companies need to hire a skilled design team that can design each app screen under the digital transformation agency.

Voxturr Labs

While talking about SaaS, Voxturr Labs is one of the best digital transformation agencies. It strives to offer our clients well-suited solutions that ensure business sustainability and high performance through technology under the MVP software development.

Whether you are a startup, SMB, or a Fortune 500 company, Voxturr Labs’ speciality is to provide fast and sustained growth at any stage of your business.

Features of Voxturr Labs:

  • Voxturr Labs creates tailor-made solutions to help you solve your business challenges. The winning combination of modernization and creativity assists you in achieving exponential growth with data-driven results.
  • It has a lean team working with one singular goal of providing incomparable growth and business solutions with our out-of-the-box ideas.
  • It believes that it has pioneered the art of agile marketing and using a data-driven approach to the client’s problems.
  • It believes in having a team of highly-focused individuals specializing in specific domains and bringing value to the projects.
  • The proven methodologies and procedures have helped Voxturr Labs to grow 80+ clients in a short period. It works like a startup and never stops learning.
  • It provides a wide range of digital growth services to clients, from building organic growth to business process automation.

Budget planning to make a SaaS MVP

You are looking forward to an instant reaction. Here you go: the MVP in our organization will be rated between $70 and-150,000. It is almost the same for all SaaS MVPs that cost in this range.

Yes, it is pretty unusual to give such a typical rating for the custom development of a SaaS development under the digital transformation agency. We thought so too before. But after completing so many projects, we (Voxturr Labs) understand that no matter how convenient the project is, it always falls into this cost limit.

All this needs high qualifications, so we have a team of back-end architects, business analysts, and product designers working on project evaluation under the MVP software development. They help design the project correctly and not spend money on unnecessary functionality under the digital transformation agency.

Average time to develop an MVP for SaaS

It usually takes 3-6 months. This duration is more of a business reason than a technical one since no matter how challenging the project is, its implementation is not delayed.

Cost of MVP development cost

Team fertility: 4.6 – 6.6 full-time person per month, actual hours per month 140 (which is done by one person because we usually subtract from the standard 176 hours the time for vacation, sick leave, self-education, etc.)

Team cost per month: 25,760 – 36,960;

Multiply by a period of 3 – 6 months: 77.280 – 221.769.

Please note that we calculate the cost because our expert costs $40 per hour on average. However, the charge is generally between 70k-150k according to the experience of the projects we have completed. Of course, some companies can offer a lower price, but they can hardly promise a quality guarantee.

We can decide from all of the above – don’t waste time; take an estimate of 70k-150k and use it for your business plans and budgets under the MVP software development.

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