How To Fit Wheel Spacers

wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are among the least expensive, most preferred, and functional items on the auto afterparts market. They have many applications and can be gauged and fitted fairly conveniently with some mechanical knowledge. Look at KSP Performance hub-centric wheel spacers now.

Setting up these little steel discs may seem daunting; however, with this useful how-to overview, you will be fitting wheel spacers to your automobile in no time. If doubtful regarding any of the steps below, feel free to contact one of our professional staff members for that additional assisting hand.

Please make certain to likewise take a look at our extensive overview of wheel spacers, which details their numerous usages, exactly how they might be fitted, and their different sizes and styles.


Firstly, a summary of wheel spacers and also what they do.

Alloy wheel spacers are very useful when mounting customized wheels and tires. Their advantages can distinguish between a completely personalized trip and a clunky-looking maker.

They can be fitted over a wheel’s holding bracket to allow for some extra clearance between the wheel and the inner parts behind it, including the brake discs and suspension bars.

They can raise your wheel’s countered, allowing your automobile to be effectively matched with a broader selection of wheels and tires without tinkering with its original screw pattern.

Without them, personalized wheels will certainly rest too near the existing parts in the wheel arch, developing an appearance that screams unpleasant and incomplete and preventing performance throughout each of your driving experiences.

Wheel spacers will likewise allow your newly acquired wheels to rest extra flush with the wheel arcs in which they sit, boosting your car’s visual.


First, it is much more secure to fit your vehicle with a set of hub-centric wheel spacers than the conventional variety. Hub-centric wheel spacers are devoted to providing your certain auto and will certainly fit flawlessly.

The holes for studs and screws are located in center of the spacer and are specifically matched to fit center of the hub, and thus the term hub-centric wheel spacer. These will ensure that the spacer is flawlessly centered on lowering resonances and enhancing the load spread throughout the entire hub. Must look at Silverado 1500 Wheel Spacers now.

Fitting a hub-centric wheel spacer to your automobile is extremely, very easy. The devices needed for such an endeavor are a jack, an axle, a cord brush, wheel support to eliminate the wheels, and a torque wrench to use torque to the wheel when re-applying.

How to Install Wheel Spacers

When the wheel has been removed and the cars and trucks are sustained, clean the center and brake discs using the cord brush to eliminate any stubborn blemishes or particles that might affect the wheel-spacer installation.

Mount the spacer onto the wheel center by lining its burrow with the bolt openings. When in place, lift the wheel back into placement and protect utilizing longer bolts. The right spacer dimension can be performed by reading our guide on measuring wheel spacers.

Tighten the bolts and studs by hand and nip them with wheel support before reducing the vehicle back onto the ground. The wheel should be offered the proper torque before your automobile’s brand-new position prepares to hit the road.

It may likewise deserve conducting a bounce test on your auto’s suspension and clearance before heading out. Safety initially!


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