How to insert images in Excel in simple steps

While you work on Excel, there might be occasions where you need to insert images as it makes your file appear more attractive and can be easily understood when the data is presented with pictures or images. This article will help you to learn how to present data or insert images in excel spreadsheets. Do check out

Step-by-step procedure to insert image in excel

  • The first step is to go to the insert tab and then click on the pictures icon.
  • Choose the picture that you want to insert in any cell that you wish and then click on insert
  • You can resize the image to make it properly fit into the cell
  • By using another method, the ALT key can be pressed and the picture can be moved with the help of the mouse into the cell and the picture will fit itself. The images can be resized with the help of the border by dragging the edges.
  • If there are multiple pictures, they can be inserted at once by selecting all the images.

Locking the picture with the cell in excel

Once the picture has been inserted, resized, and placed in the cell, it must be locked so that the picture will not be moved, be hidden, or filtered with the cell. The steps for locking the picture are mentioned below:

  1. You must right-click on the picture, and from the various options choose the format picture
  2. Choose the size and properties and then select the options move and size with cells

With these simple steps, your picture will be locked and it will not move or be hidden when moving the cells.

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