Importance and How to Earn EDU Backlinks

EDU backlinks make you appear an expert because they are from educational sites. Getting an EDU backlink from an accredited school or university is challenging. Many academic institutions have established EDU domains because they create plenty of quality content about academic achievements, activity news, sporting acknowledgments, research papers, and breakthrough technology. They are publishing content often, which naturally attracts links from trustworthy sources. EDU backlinks cannot get formed from link schemes that Google hates.

To earn an EDU backlink, you need to build a relationship with the EDU domain controller and offer them some value like creating interesting content for their site. Google identifies EDU domains to be experts, authorities, and trustworthy. Backlinks are confidence votes and when you gain an EDU backlink it brings with it the glorious authority that impresses Google search bots. Your website’s authority increases and Google rewards your site with top ranking.

Tips to build EDU backlinks

  • Get listed on the resource pages of educational organizations. Educational resource pages cover niches like staff, students, and partners. Create content suitable to the resource page relevant to your brand. Inform them how your content will add value to their site.
  • Offering discounts to students and staff via university or college websites helps to receive valuable EDU backlinks.
  • You can create student scholarships, which actually is an expensive backlink-building strategy, but efficiently works.
  • Interview famous faculty members that maintain blogs on EDU domains. They adore to link articles and interviews they are featured in.
  • Mention established EDU bloggers and snag high DA backlink.

Just getting EDU backlinks does not mean your website’s ranking with maintaining its top position. You need to add different websites with top-level domains from the niche and diversify your link-building strategy.

Backlink analysis regularly is also essential to maintain SEO performance. Here are some backlink monitoring tools that can help in identifying the bad backlinks to remove because if Google detects it then your website ranking goes spiraling down. You even get an idea of the most important or high-quality links your competitors are receiving. Grab the domain and add it to your link-building list.


Linkascope is an advanced backlink and website monitoring solution. It helps you to monitor your website’s and your competitor’s backlinks. Besides, domain names and keywords monitoring you can see your highest ranking pages and the source pointing to them.

The tool sends notifications about new links, which helps you to build relationships. The insights from the programs allow for strengthening your marketing strategy and generating more backlinks for poorly performing web pages.

Marketers have a misconception that using URL shorteners will damage their SEO. Fortunately, short links help in better optimization. The program has a URL shortener, which is powerful in increasing brand awareness, engagement, and click-through rates.


It is a great backlink checker for marketing and SEO managers to monitor and analyze your website’s backlink profile. Keep track of every backlink and if any gets lost you are notified. Easy reports help to evaluate link-building strategy.

SE Ranking

It is a paid tool that includes rank tracking, websites audit, competitor monitoring, and keyword research. Keep an eye on your incoming links and generate detailed link analysis.

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