Moving From Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Microsoft Exchange 2007

Author: Sharath Reddy

Sometimes, organizations need their servers emigrate to Microsoft Exchange 2007 from Microsoft Exchange 2003, because there are several updated features plus a more effective method of handling sources. This migration procedure might be simple or complicated according to the existing configuration within the server. The operation of migration requires several steps like defining roles and responsibilities, test environments and creating hardware for the server.

  • The first step should be to eliminate the present Exchange server. Speculate the migration process needs a while, all of the processes being transported out properly cannot be offer halt. It is therefore needed to designate a few of individuals services having a temporary server, that might end up being the primary server with the transition period.
  • Complete elimination of Exchange 2003 is important to effectively setup the 2007 server on a single system. The uninstalling process may be transported over a few steps like disconnecting the present clients, and transferring their mail server for that temporary server. All of the running services have to be stopped before ongoing while using the removal process. Server objects have to be deleted inside the administrator profile.

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  • Effective elimination of Exchange 2003 requires that it’s removed the active directory. The default installation program will remove a few in the attributes, nonetheless the remainder ought to be removed by hands. Another critical aspect is removing registry keys, as being a new installation won’t work if individuals registry values can be found within the system.
  • Next, the Exchange 2007 installable enables you to begin the completely new installation within the system. Checking compatibility issues before installing is needed, meaning checking once the minimum hardware needs are met from your system otherwise, variations in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and so forth. While installing, the IP settings have to be configured, by permitting static IP in IPv4, and static or automatic DHCP enabled IP for the IPv6. It is essential for IPv6 to obtain stored began up while installing as it will be needed to begin a few in the Exchange services.
  • The active directory ought to be setup and configured correctly. Specific domains for the mail server have to be specified, and it ought to be updated for the re-creation. A gateway and firewall ought to be installed allowing you to connect while using web. Finally, all of the original services are utilized within the brand-new Exchange server inside the temporary server.Microsoft Training Courses | ExitCertified

An attempt migration from Exchange 2003 to 2007 version is preferred as a kind of simulation within the existing atmosphere. It will help to find any type of problems that might arise within a real migration, and will encourage you to overcome them.

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