Salesforce Field Service Mobile App Most Amazing Features

Aside from a website, the Salesforce field service mobile app also works on a mobile device. This feature lets organizations manage complicated field service jobs by chaining steps together. It also helps dispatchers address the needs of field workers. In addition, Salesforce Field Service is powered by Hyperforce, a cloud-based service that delivers the Salesforce Customer 360 experience to public clouds. With Salesforce Field Service, businesses and partners can customize the mobile application. In addition, system integrators can develop industry-specific applications for Salesforce.


Now customers can cancel their appointments online 24 hours in advance. This feature is critical for field service companies with technicians in trucks. Scheduling in Salesforce Field Service makes it easy to keep track of appointments.

For field service dispatchers, new features include visual remote assistant technology and the ability to chain jobs. These new features enable field service dispatchers to understand and apply institutional knowledge better. Enhanced scheduling and optimization engine, currently in beta, allows companies to create complex workflows by chaining related jobs. This will help dispatchers better manage tough jobs. When scheduling mobile workers, field service professionals can view the details of each job.

The Lightning Web Components for Field Service are already in a pilot program and will make it easier for field service teams to build vertical-specific apps and more convenient. The integration also enables users to use Slack-based collaboration agreements to streamline workflows. To take full advantage of Lightning, Salesforce recommends installing the new Field Service Lightning Managed Package. Then, configure user-profiles and permission sets. In addition, service organizations should add Service Territories and Service Resources, including Operating Hours.

Another feature of Lightning is the ability to bundle appointments with similar tasks. When the scheduling window is split between multiple meetings, the dispatcher can use various pieces of information simultaneously and make a decision based on the information provided by the Field Service mobile app. The scheduling console includes tabs and split panels to toggle between different policies. Depending on the nature of your business, you can use either fully automated or part-automated scheduling.

Inventory management

The inventory management feature of the salesforce field service mobile app enables you to keep track of inventory and ensure that your mobile workforce always has the right parts. This feature also allows you to track and maintain financial data, including product depreciation and disposal. It also allows you to keep track of all aspects and their locations. Here’s a look at how inventory management can improve your business. Using this application, you can easily track all parts and areas, reducing the need for multiple inventory management tools.

With inventory management capabilities, you can better control costs and ensure that your team is adequately equipped for each job. Salesforce Field Service Lightning mobile app offers robust tracking and optimization features to streamline field operations and give dispatchers the information they need to complete tasks and meet customer expectations. The app also helps field service team members access knowledge articles and update the stock of their vehicles. Furthermore, you can control your workforce from anywhere, making it easier to assign tasks to the right people.

Inventory management in the salesforce field service mobile app allows you to track your inventory of items and employees. You can also keep track of work orders and schedule them accordingly. You can also add work orders and assign resources to them. With these tools, you can manage your inventory in real-time and prevent unnecessary delays. However, you must remember that if you have a lot of stock on hand, you should ensure that you have enough of them to perform your work efficiently.

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