The Prevailing Law Allows Lottery Operation

The online lottery industry in Hong Kong is regulated by the Gambling Ordinance (1977) and the amended Gambling Ordinance (2002), which lays down the prescribed regulations regarding various types of lotto. The law ensures exclusivity of Hong Kong Jockey Club to present its lotto and toto products in the domestic market. Although the traditional form of the online lottery has been present in the region for a long time, the digital lottery is a new variant. Along with the domestic operators, there are many international online lottery operators in commission in the Hong Kong lottery industry.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC)

The international entities operative in Hong Kong is mostly pioneering companies of African countries offering a wide spectrum of lotto games. Many of them are offering online lottery promotions like exclusive online lotto bonuses, free tickets, or high deposit bonuses. If you avail of these offered features, your probability of a jackpot win increases in Hong Kong. The prevailing law allows lottery operation both traditional and online. To find the results of the draw conducted by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, visit HK data 2021 (data HK 2021), they publish the official results. The site also clarifies the rules for Mark Six lottery carry out by the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC).

Know the rules

You must know the rules before you play the Mark Six lottery, so you be acquainted with the functionality of the game and the procedures to claim your money if you win. You should be aware of the game rules before you put your money. To play, you must choose a style from the single, multiple, banker, or random entry. If you want to play a single variant, you need to select six numbers ranging from one to forty-nine. For other styles, you need to select seven or more numbers as prescribed on the official website.

The seven chosen numbers

For Mark Six draw, six balls numeral between one and forty-nine are randomly selected. Another bonus ball is arbitrarily picked up from the reaming fort-three balls. The seven chosen numbers are the winning combination. The prize is awarded to the person who possesses the identical ticket number of the Mark Six lotto. The official website publishes more information about different winning permutations.

Citizens above the age of eighteen are eligible to participate in Mark Six online lottery. Draws occur thrice a week, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If Saturday happens to be a race day, the draw takes place on the following Sunday. You can buy online tickets or from authorized outlets such as Sha Tin and Happy Valley racecourses or from the HKJC~s off-course racing branches. The sale of tickets of the draw closes at 9:15 pm HKT on the day of the event. But it is noteworthy to mention the opening time of sale is subject to change at the discretion of HKJC.

The price of a standard ticket is HK$10, and that of Partial Unit Investment (PUI) is HK$5, but the worth of the prize is scaled down by 50%. For every draw, the official result is displayed on the HK data 2021 (data HK 2021) website.

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