Top 6 ways to track and measure employee productivity in 2022

It is desire of every entrepreneur to achieve success, be it in his/her new or existing business. Productivity is stated to be the lifeblood for every business, irrespective of the industry you belong to. Without productive employees, your business is likely to suffer. You will also have dissatisfied customers. Prolonged non-productivity will only result in capital and human resource waste. This is something that no manager or owner will prefer. Check out for viable and cost-effective solutions desired in 2022.

How to measure employee performance?

 There are some practical ways adopting which can you measure and track employee performance and ensure achieving set business goals.

  • Effective feedback culture: Why wait to generate an annual report. Rather, develop a system to give/receive feedback. Choose a desired frequency. Quarterly or monthly feedback system will do.
  • Establish clear expectations: This is something that most project managers lack in. Telling your employees what is expected from them will make them happy. The truth is many employees work for 8 hours, however, still are found to be half productive only as they waste remaining hours. Setting clear expectations in 2022 can help them to know what to do and complete within the specified timelines.
  • 360 degree feedback: This technique is still instrumental, however, cannot be applied to many business models. It involves getting valuable feedback from other employees and customers about an employee. But ensure you get pure feedback and not something that is rather driven by some personal prejudices. The right tracker can help save your business from losses.
  • Project managers providing regular feedback: Remember, the feedback that seniors provide will be much different from what you had received. You may perhaps be busy managing everything related to your department and providing guidance. However, that’s the project manager’s task. Project manager is to interact with the employees weekly or daily, based on project type and organization size.
  • Monitor digital activities of employees: With easy access to modern technology and devices, employees are likely to get deviated when performing their tasks, even as the time tracker ticks. You may consider special tools to monitor properly all employees’ digital activities. This way, you can determine if your employees are spending productively their work hours engaged in personal work or browsing the web idly.
  • Time tracking software: Such tools do help to monitor the amount of time employees spend their time on their assigned tasks. While implementing the system, instruct all employees to user the timer and not manual recording. There are time tracking employee monitoring apps available that can determine the time taken to accomplish certain tasks.

Following the above will allow your business to be ahead of your competitors at all times.

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