Top 7 shipping requirements of the Amazon FBM

What is the requirement to make a successful brand on Amazon FBM? To get the answer to this question, you have to read down all the details. To create the brand successfully on the Amazon FBM, you must pay attention to the small things because if you ignore such small things, it will lead to a big difference. And when we talk about the Amazon FBM shipping costs, you should follow some shipping requirements to make your brand successful. 

Let us now glance at the Amazon FBM shipping requirements for your brand. 

  • Set the shipping template in seller central

It is the first step to set your shipping template in the seller central of the Amazon FBM. Here you have to specify the shipping methods you provide and how many shipping rates are applicable. If you want to get more about the shipping rates, then feel free to check

  • Generate the default handling time

Here it is suggested to establish the default handling time. You should note the time the products will take to pick, pack, and label. You have to specify the default handling time of the orders for 1 or 2 days. 

  • Set the order handling  service

The next step is to set up the order handling services. It is determined that the Amazon FBM should automatically focus on this option while fulfilling the orders. In this, you are only responsible for handling all aspects related to picking, packaging, handling, and delivering. 

  • Get the proper packaging.

Once you plan to fulfill the customer’s requirements by delivering their order on time, the important step you must follow is the correct packaging. Your packaging of the products should be designed in such a way that it protects your products while shipping from one place to another. 

  • Do not consist of marketing material.

One of the ignoring factors under the Amazon FBM shipping requirements is not to consist of the marketing materials in your product orders. It has appeared as a great way to increase your sales and promote the brand, but it is not under Amazon guidelines. If you follow this kind of Amazon FBM requirements, then it will help you to avoid problems while fulfilling your orders. 

  • Consider the shipping services.

Amazon FBM uses different shipping services to meet the customer’s requirements by delivering it within the time. FBM sellers should be given flexibility while coming to the shipping services. 

  • Follow guidelines

While shipping Amazon products, you must follow particular guidelines to ensure that your products are ready for shipping. It consists of ensuring all products are in working condition and have all the necessary components. 


This article will bring the detail related to the shipping requirements of the Amazon FBM. From the above facts of the article, it is concluded that there is a need to reduce the shipping cost to increase the profitability level of your business. Hope you get a clear understanding of the given aspects in today’s article.

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