Role of visual appeal in the website design process

Website design is a concept that has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. Whether you are a businessman, writer, cook, photographer, etc., you must have a website. However, only having a website does not solve the problem. Your website should have good content and an appealing layout to successfully attract an audience and potential customers. Thus, everyone is looking to have their websites designed to fulfill the current design standards. Check out website design Malaysia for all your designing needs. However, how much success of the website can be attributed to the visual appeal of the same?

First impressions

Never judge by first impression. However, most often, we judge everything by the cover itself. Similarly, in the case of a website, the first impression it’s crucial. To provide the website with a visually attractive and appealing look to the audience, one must focus on the design. You must also understand that designing is not only restricted to visual design. There are different design requirements needed to make a website visually appealing. These are visual design, web design, interaction design, graphic design, user experience design, and interface design.

The function of visual appeal in web designing


The first thing you want your website to do is attract attention. Visitors will only engage with your content if they find the website visually attractive. This is where visual design comes in. Everyone favors a beautiful design over a dull or neutral design. Contact web design KL to make your website more visually appealing.

First Impression

As mentioned above, you get only one chance at making a first impression on your audience. Suppose you are accessing the web. You come across a very dull-looking website, mundane, neutral colors, and has lots of text. Would you feel like viewing the website further? Probably not. You would want to get out of such a site as soon as possible. Similarly, when the audience looks at your website, they would want to click away if they find a neutral, dull, or unattractive design. Therefore, a good visual appeal has a huge role in establishing your brand identity with the visitors.

Build relationships with the audience

Visual appeal is also crucial for establishing brand identity. If your website is designed so that the look of the website is enough to remember the company name, you have successfully reached your goal.

Enhances tolerance

If someone is highly impressed by your website, it is easy to forgive minor errors. This is where visual design can cover up for you. If the audience is enthralled with the website design, they may forgive minor mistakes. However, if the design is neutral or basic, the fault would gain more importance, and your users may leave unsatisfied.

Evoke emotions

Your design speaks to your audience. If you have visuals, then you can make an instant impression in your audience’s mind. Visual elements like pictures and videos can evoke sadness, delight, pity, comfort, trust, etc.

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