What Security Measures Can a Company Take to Prevent a Hack?

Automation is one popular investment that many companies have adapted to increase their productivity and streamline their business processes. It benefits businesses, employees, clients, and customersby creating growth opportunities in a company. As a result, companies enjoy digitization as a standard feature. Organizations do well despite the recent pandemic with improved data analysis, simplified operations, and increased digital presence.

However, this advancement in the business industry positionedthem in a riskysituation regarding online security. Organizations placed significant priority on cybersecurity because cyber criminals launched a record number of cyberattacks on organizations during the fourth quarter of 2021. To protect their valuable data and resources, company leaders opt for strong identification of clients and employees. Some invested in strengthening security using digital signature authentication to prevent hackers from ruining their businesses.

Here are other ways in which you can further protect your company data from being breached:

Security-Focused Workplace Culture

Educating employees about cyber-attack prevention in the workplace should be highly prioritized. They should be able to distinguish between secure and unsecured networks that their devices connect to. This will help protect their devices from being accessed by cybercriminals on standby. Also, this will enable them to learn how to keep sensitive information in the trust circle.

Anti-Malware and Anti-Virus Programs

Anti-malware and anti-virus software are valuable tools that can inform employees about their role in creating a safe environment at work. These programs can alert employees of suspicious files or websites that could cause harm to the company.

Digital Identity Verification

With the growing preference for hybrid work arrangements, companies and employees could be putting businesses at greater risk. Employers who allow their workforce to use personal devices for work may access company documents that shouldn’t be in the first place. Passwordless authentication, digital signature API, or certified fingerprint authentication is recommended for identity verification. These solutions are one of the most effective ways to protect against hackers, cyberattacks, and disruption to one’s business.


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